Who and what is Shitokai Belgium ?

Who's who?


Thierry Van Binst


Natale Zazzera

Secretary general

Evi Geeroms


Philippe De Bondt 

Grading committee

Philippe De Bondt

Kris Bielen - René Braun - Evi Geeroms - Thierry Van Binst - Natale Zazzera

Our goal

Shitokai Belgium is an association (KAI) of Belgian Shito-Ryu dojo that joined hands to promote traditional Shito-Ryu karate-do. 
Shitokai Belgium is the official representative of the World Shito-Ryu Karatedo Federation (WSKF) in Belgium. 
Our technical path is outlined by the World Shito-Ryu Karate-do Federation (WSKF) and the All Japan Shito Kai and thus follows the original path of Kenwa Mabuni.  
In Belgium, the dojo of our group are affiliated with the VKA or the FFKAMA.
In terms of members, our group has about 500 students ; represented in 12 clubs across 7 provinces, as well in Flanders, in Brussels, as in Wallonia.
Shitokai Belgium is a non-profit association and all staff members work on a voluntary basis.
The instructors of our group have more than 25 years of experience in Shito-Ryu karate-do. 

How we work

The SKB group is a non-profit organization and holds an annual general membership meeting to which all dojo leaders are invited. During this member meeting the following matters are dealt with:

-Transparent accountancy managed by an independent accountant.

-Objectives for the next year and budget.

-Proposal of benefits for the "Shitokai Belgium dojo" for next year.

-Proposals from all members.

Every major decision is presented and reviewed at the general membership meeting ; each club's opinion counts. During the year, the Board of Directors communicates via e-mail with the member clubs, so that each club is regularly informed about everything that affects our group directly and indirectly.

Advantages for members

Members' financial contributions go back directly or indirectly to the members themselves. During the seminars, all instructors teach on a voluntary basis. 
The group organizes the following activities every year:

- 2 seminars (2 days) with one or more international experts.

2 Shitokai Belgium seminars (3h classes) taught by the group's instructors. These seminars are organized in our different dojos so that they can promote their karate club in their respective region.

1 summer seminar (2 days) at the Belgian coast under the guidance of the group's instructors.

All Shitokai Belgium activities are free for the instructors of the group; a preferential rate is offered to the members of the Shitokai Belgium dojos. It goes without saying that our activities are also open to other karateka. Everyone, regardless of style, group or federation is more than welcome.
Shitokai Belgium provides certain benefits for affiliated dojo ; these benefits are determined annually at the General Assembly based on the budget. In recent years, these benefits have included the following:

-financial support to dojos to organize seminars.

-financial support to instructors attending seminars abroad.

Our group strongly believes in exchange, our instructors are encouraged teach regularly in another dojo of the group. In addition, each member has the right to occasionally attend free training at another affiliated dojo.

DAN degrees

From a technical point of view, Shito-Ryu karate is our path. Therefore, the DAN degree examination program is specifically focused on that.

Preparing karatekas for a DAN degree is the common goal of the group, therefore a preparatory seminar is organized annually.

The examination committee consists only of Shito-Ryu karatekas from the instructor group of Shitokai Belgium.

This committee has the recognition of the FFKAMA. This also makes it possible to have DAN degrees recognized by the WKF (World Karate Federation).

In the near future it will also be possible to participate in DAN examinations for the WSKF (World Shito-Ryu Karatedo Federation).

Join us?

Membership to our group is free for the dojo itself. 
The members pay 20€ per year. Thanks to the advantageous rates when participating in seminars, they can get this sum completely back. 
More information? Get in touch with us!